Pokemon Go? Friend or foe?

This past week at Mind Matters, P.C. has been exciting with the flutter of the stories and experiences of our patients participating in the new Pokémon Go phenomenon.  It sounds like an enticing opportunity to go on a virtual scavenger hunt for the monsters and creatures of Pokémon!  We've heard stories of youth and their families walking for "miles" to potentiate their caught characters, as well as stories of youth getting out in the community much more than what is typical for them.  Only a week since its launch, it is early to tell where this trend may lead Pokémon adventurers... 

For more information on the potential benefits and risks of participating in Pokémon Go, read this article posted by the researchers at www.screenagersthemovie.com: http://www.screenagersmovie.com/articles/why-pokemon-go-is-so-popular-with-your-teen

Happy Hunting!