Mind Matters, P.C. provides children, adolescents, adults, families, and organizations with timely access to comprehensive psychiatric services of the highest quality. We offer essential resources to the medical community and create a satisfying professional experience for our service team.


Outstanding clinical services will continue to be our primary goal.  To support this we will evolve our business practice, which rewards creativity, collegiality, and excellent patient care.

We will lead by continuing to develop innovative approaches to a collaborative medical system of caring for our patients and their families. 

We will educate primary care physicians through a variety of modalities about psychiatric diagnosis and treatment approaches, thus facilitating their role in the care of their patients.  

Utilizing data from both clinical and business experience, we will improve our practice and contribute to the scientific knowledge base. 

Our service delivery system will continue to be documented and will be appropriate for adaptation and application in other communities.  

We will lead in developing innovative approaches to a collaborative system of care of mind and body in partnership with primary care physicians.


We believe treating psychiatric illness is an essential part of nondiscriminatory medical care for children and families.  

Educating patients and families enhances partnership in their own care.

Honoring and respecting families and their capabilities encourages responsible family behavior.  

Using collaborative teams integrates and strengthens services, contributes to learning and enriches working relationships.

Collecting and sharing valid data enhances learning, quality of services, business choices, and organizational effectiveness. 

Establishing efficient, effective clinical and business practices is essential for continuing success.  

Participation in community service benefits both the community and Mind Matters, P.C. 

Balancing personal and professional life enhances job performance and satisfaction.