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Mind Matters Staff share their reasons for doing this challenging work on social media this month. Get to know your clinician a little better.

Staff are asked, “Why are you in the mental health field”.

Despite all the many reasons we do what we do, all our patients and our community is the reason why we are all here every day. Find us on Instagram and find your clinicians personal reason why.


Going back to school is a stressful time for parents and kids alike. Here are some helpful tips to start the year out well.

Tips to make back to school less chaotic.

Tip1: Emotion Coaching- Back to school isn’t exactly exciting for all children. For some school means bullying, confusion, rejection, new people and teachers. This can create a high level of anxiety in some children. Remember, often in early development children are still learning how to make sense of their emotions. Extra patience and helping them recognize, label and cope with these emotions is how we support healthy development.

Tip 2: Monitor Social Media Apps- There are many social media apps to be aware of. Some even have titles that are deceiving. It is important to know what your child is using, how they are using it and who they are connecting with. Our Instagram page has a list of apps to be aware of.

Tip 3: Sleep Schedule- Slowly changing your child's sleep time in the weeks before school can help them start school rested and ready for the academic demands that are so very different then how they were using their noggin during the summer.

Tip 4: Lunch Box Notes- Little notes left for your child in their bag, school lunch or on their morning mirror with extra encouragement can help them feel supported even when you are not around. So, leave them a note every day.

Tip 5: Make Time Daily- Talk time may be the only way you know what your child is going through. Making a regular time built into your activities, cooking dinner, driving in the car or walking the dog is a good way to slip in time that is consistent and something they can look forward to.


Group Therapy services are available

Mind Matters Group Offerings

Circle of Security Parenting Group

High School Girls Support Group

Exer-psyche-Taekwondo therapy support group. Ages 6-12

Women’s Hope Group- to treat anxiety and depression

Chill Out Group- For learning to cope with big emotions. Ages 6-12

Please click on the link below for more information on group details, times and location.