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Our Team

Mykah C. Norville, DNP, PMHNP

(Pronouns (He/Him)

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Hillsboro Clinic

Dr. Mykah C. Norville is a doctoral-level, board-certified psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP-BC) who specializes in psychiatric care for youth and athletes.


Dr. Norville joined our clinical team after earning his doctorate in nursing practice (DNP) from the University of Washington, where he partnered with MMPC to develop a digital community-based project: Expanding Mental Health Literacy in Youth Sports. He also holds bachelor’s degrees from the University of Miami (B.S., Nursing) and the University of Colorado at Boulder (B.A., Psychology).


Dr. Norville has 15+ years of clinical experience addressing the mental health needs of vulnerable populations, including 10+ years as a specialty board-certified registered nurse (PMH-BC) working in pediatric mental health care settings across the country.


Dr. Norville appreciates that decisions to seek psychiatric care are deeply personal, which he expresses through a person-centered therapeutic approach; he listens to understand and works collaboratively with each individual in support of their mental health journey. In doing so, he fosters safe and affirming spaces – in-person and virtually – empowering all to show up and participate authentically.


Dr. Norville works primarily with school-aged children to young adults (ages 6-19 years) and is explicitly passionate about extending clinical services and attuned support to individuals of all backgrounds and identities, especially LGBTQIA2+, BIPOC, and athletes. He integrates movement, music, and emotion (often with humor) into clinical sessions and mental skills training. Dr. Norville is fully licensed to prescribe and safely manage medications in Oregon and Washington.


Additionally, Dr. Norville contributes leadership and clinical expertise to the Sports Psychiatry Center at Mind Matters PC. He also enjoys playing golf, traveling, and spending quality time with loved ones.

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