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Allegra M. Condiotte, MD

Physician,  Psychiatry

Hillsboro Clinic

(Coming soon- July 2024 )

Dr. Allegra Condiotte earned her undergraduate degree in Biology with a focus in Ecology at Dartmouth College, a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration at Florida Atlantic University, and her Doctorate in Medicine at New York University. She completed residency in Psychiatry at Florida Atlantic University, and her training in Forensic Psychiatry at Oregon Health and Science University. Dr. Condiotte is board certified in General Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She has published several peer-reviewed papers on various subjects that include providing appropriate care for transgender patients, the treatment of bipolar disorder, and the history of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Dr. Condiotte continues to provide medical education and support to both healthcare trainees and the general community. She always seeks to learn more and has a particular interest in treating fellow physicians, first responders, patients with high-pressure jobs, and patients who are members of marginalized populations such as the LGBTQIAP+ community. She works hard to be an advocate and ally for patients of color and those from minority backgrounds.

Although telemedicine can significantly increase access to healthcare (as demonstrated at the height of the COVID 19 pandemic), the best psychiatric care for many occurs in person, whenever possible. All initial appointments are in person, with future use of telemedicine considered on a case-by-case basis. At Mind Matters, Dr. Condiotte will primarily treat adult patients, but will accept some patients ages 16 and up. She recommends that most patients participate in therapy, as well as medication-based treatment, and will provide referrals as needed. Dr. Condiotte is open to incorporating cultural, spiritual, and religious practices into a patient’s overall treatment plan.

Dr. Condiotte is also available for forensic evaluation and consultation services for both civil and criminal cases. Please contact the main office at Mind Matters for further information.

Outside of work, Dr. Condiotte is very passionate about nature and the environment. She spends her free time hiking, visiting parks with her dog, baking, reading, and enjoying Portland’s rich arts and food culture.

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