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Group Therapy


Throughout your treatment experience at Mind Matters we will evaluate which interventions will best foster healing and positive development within your family. Group sessions can be a powerful tool that allows each family member to collaborate in a safe, neutral and skillfully facilitated environment. Collaborative family planning is shown to greatly increase the likelihood of sustainable change in the family system.

Couples Therapy

Beyond negotiating the challenges of co-parenting, partnerships often benefit from opportunities to improve communication and clarify relational intentions. Couples therapy can be an effective intervention to process relational dilemmas, challenge assumptions and practice new ways to sustain healthy relationships.

Parent Workshops

We offer a monthly series of workshops designed to explore obstacles and challenges in parenting, review the most current concepts in child development, motivation and discipline, and focus on building healthy relationships.

Theme-Based Group Therapy Offerings

We have developed a variety of group therapy offerings which address relevant issues for a variety of our patients and their needs. Examples of themes covered in these groups may include the following:

  • Sleep Hygiene and Nutrition

  • Alcohol & Drug Use Risks in Youth

  • Exercise & Movement Interventions

  • Setting Boundaries with Electronics

  • Mindfulness for Youth & Families

  • Sensory Sensitivities

  • Understanding Executive Function

Visit our Group Therapy page to learn more.

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