Innovative Collaborative Parenting Series
Join us for a monthly series of trainings designed to explore new parenting concepts, skills, and strategies. We will discuss relevant issues regarding childhood development, emotional regulation, basic brain health, and "executive" function. Concepts and methods from Collaborative Problem Solving will be featured in the training series. Check out our Group Therapy section for details!

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Mind Matters, P.C. provides quality multidisciplinary evaluations and treatment for psychiatric disorders. We treat children, adolescents, and families. An evaluation typically requires two to five hours to complete. We conduct extensive interviews with the patient and family members. Depending on areas of concern, we may also include psychological tests and school consultation, as well as laboratory and other diagnostic tests. If a physical examination is needed, you will be referred to your primary care physician.

After completing the evaluation, we will recommend a treatment plan. Treatment components may include medical psychotherapy, family therapy, behavioral therapy, play therapy, parent counseling, school consultation and/or medication. Given our team approach to treatment, you may have several clinicians collaborating on your treatment.