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Group Therapy Descriptions


Mind Matters is currently offering the following groups.  For information on availability or to sign up,  please reach out our front desk or contact you or your child's clinician.   

Circle of Security – Parents or Caregivers

  • Adults, all genders

Circle of Security is an evidence-based group that helps parents and caregivers learn how to protect and nurture babies through teens while fostering their independence, and what emotional needs a child may be expressing with difficult behavior. Parents are offered unique practical tools that offer insight into how our own upbringing affects our parenting style. This model begins with the premise that all caregivers want what is best for their children. Children’s capacity for learning and emotional resilience occur from within a secure base relationship, and it is never too late to build security. Learn what your child needs when their behavior is difficult, how to understand your child’s emotional world, how to support your child’s ability to manage emotions, and how to enhance your child’s self-esteem.


High School Girl’s Group

Process group for discussing challenges, including academic pressure, social anxiety, body image, and relationships

  • grades 9-12, , girls and transfeminine and non-conforming individuals welcome

LUMOS-A Women’s Support Group

This is a process-oriented group for female-identifying individuals who are seeking a safe space for expression, connection, and support. Group members will have the opportunity to share their experiences and their wisdom with each other. This group is geared toward individuals who may feel their current social support system is inadequate.

  • female- identifying individuals, approximate age range 35-55

Middle School Group

This cognitive based therapy group focuses on coping with school/family/ peer stressors, building self esteem, problem solving and practicing giving and receiving support. Group members are encouraged to have writing and drawing supplies with them.

  • 6th-8th graders, all genders


Why Group Therapy?

Groups provide a safe and supportive environment to learn more about yourself and make positive changes in your life. Each group is led by Mind Matters, P.C. clinicians who are knowledgeable in proven strategies for managing specific problems. Participating in a group can be a rewarding experience. You may discover that you are not alone in your experience and become able to put your own struggles in a new perspective. Group therapy can diminish feelings of isolation, offer new insights into yourself, and provide accountability. Having the opportunity to both give and receive support and feedback is another benefit of group therapy – sharing is healing.

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