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Group Therapy Descriptions


Check out our Calendar of Events for currently scheduled groups. Please call for more information or to sign up. If you are interested in a group listed below that isn’t on the calendar, please call or email our office and we will notify you when it is available.

Group inquiries can be sent to: or by calling (503) 352-0468 ext. 107.

Adulting 101

This is a group who are building their independence and trying to figure out like after high school/GED, which can be very overwhelming. Topics group members may discuss include self- esteem, family relationships, dating, friendships, employment, school, becoming more independent and mental health.

  • Ages 18-25, all genders


Anger Academy

Cognitive-behavioral group for learning about the anger process, recognizing triggers of anger, and strengthening coping and communication skills

  • Ages 10-12, all genders


Circle of Security – Parents or Caregivers

  • Adults, all genders

Circle of Security is an evidence-based group that helps parents and caregivers learn how to protect and nurture babies through teens while fostering their independence, and what emotional needs a child may be expressing with difficult behavior. Parents are offered unique practical tools that offer insight into how our own upbringing affects our parenting style. This model begins with the premise that all caregivers want what is best for their children. Children’s capacity for learning and emotional resilience occur from within a secure base relationship, and it is never too late to build security. Learn what your child needs when their behavior is difficult, how to understand your child’s emotional world, how to support your child’s ability to manage emotions, and how to enhance your child’s self-esteem.



Learn Taekwondo martial arts principles meant to expand treatment strategies for children with varying psychiatric disorders. Requires parent/caregiver involvement..

  • Ages 7-13, all genders,


Follow Your Arts Heart- Weekly Expressive Arts Workshop, Studio, and Salon (Free)

Supports mental health wellness by nurturing arts expression and resiliency in a caring community. The Arts and Healing Resiliency Center offers a supportive and caring community to nurture arts expression (writing, drawing, music) as a means to better understand ourselves and others and to build resiliency. Founder-director, Diane Kaufman, MD, is a poet, artist, and child psychiatrist.

  • Please note this is not a therapy group but is a way to help one's self better cope with life's challenges.

  • 18+, all genders


High School Girl’s Group

Process group for discussing challenges, including academic pressure, social anxiety, body image, and relationships

  • grades 9-12, , girls and transfeminine and non-conforming individuals welcome

LUMOS-A Women’s Support Group

This is a process-oriented group for female-identifying individuals who are seeking a safe space for expression, connection, and support. Group members will have the opportunity to share their experiences and their wisdom with each other. This group is geared toward individuals who may feel their current social support system is inadequate.

  • female- identifying individuals, approximate age range 35-55

Middle School Group

This cognitive based therapy group focuses on coping with school/family/ peer stressors, building self esteem, problem solving and practicing giving and receiving support. Group members are encouraged to have writing and drawing supplies with them.

  • 6th-8th graders, all genders


Mindfulness Movement Group

This group is an introduction to the practices of yoga and some of its benefits to our mental health. Goals of the group include (1) Learning why leading trauma researchers recommend the integration of the body in emotional healing; (2) Increasing self-awareness, acceptance, and nonjudgment; (3) Cultivating a compassionate relationship with the body, including learning to recognize and respect our bodies' signals and boundaries; and (4) Increasing regulation and stress management skills. This group is intended to help members build a basic understanding of yoga to continue practicing on their own or to help inform their navigation of the broad range of yoga offerings in the community/online. No prior experience is necessary. Participants will need to complete a Yoga Liability Waiver and Release form prior to the first session and are recommended to contact the facilitator for any questions about group.

  • Ages 18+, all genders


Self-Esteem Garden Group

Cognitive-behavioral group for building confidence; recognizing positive influences; establishing protective boundaries; and learning problem-solving skills, relaxation strategies, and ways to challenge negative self-talk

  • Grades 3-5, all genders


Silenced No More

This group will address race based traumatic stress (RBTS) by allowing participants an opportunity to express freely what they feel, think and experienced when they experienced injury caused by bias, ethnic discrimination, racism, and/or hate crimes. This group will be focused on black, indigenous, Hispanic, bi-racial, Asian and any other person who considers themselves non-white.

  • Ages 18+, all genders


SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions)

SPACE is a treatment program for the parents and caregivers of children and adolescents who have anxiety, OCD, and related challenges.  It was developed by Eli Lebowitz, Ph.D. (Yale Child Study Center) and has been found to be efficacious in randomized controlled clinical trials.  Parents and caregivers who participate in SPACE will learn skills and tools to respond more supportively towards their child, to foster their child’s independence, and to reduce the hold that anxiety has on their child and their family.

  • Parents and caregivers, all genders


The Incredible Years®

The Incredible Years® is an evidence-based group program for parents and caregivers who are interested in learning ways to strengthen their relationship with their child while addressing challenging moments in a consistent, ethical way.  The program is designed to support parenting children between the ages of 5 and 12 who are experiencing emotional or behavioral difficulties, including temper tantrums, refusal to follow directions or complete tasks, and aggressive behavior.  Strategies taught in the program include emotional, social, and persistence coaching; effective praise; sustainable reward systems; clear rules and consistent routines; effective directions; ignoring; time-outs; and natural and logical consequences.

  • Parents and caregivers , all genders

The Whole-Brain Child

Using The Whole-Brain Child and The Whole-Brain Child Workbook (authors Daniel J Siegel MD and Tina Payne Bryson PhD), parents/caregivers will have the opportunity to share and discuss the concepts and exercises as they apply to their own children, in a group setting as intended by the authors. Parents/caregivers will learn practical ways to nurture developing minds, and cultivate healthy emotional and intellectual development, as well as learn how to explain these concepts to their children.

  • Parents and caregivers, all genders

A Starting of Silence

This group will address Race based traumatic stress (RBTS) by allowing participants an opportunity to express freely what they feel, think and experienced when the  injury occurred caused by bias, ethnic discrimination, racism and/or hate crimes.  This group will be focused on black, indigenous, Hispanic, bi-racial, Asian and any other person who considers themselves non-white.  This group will be considered a safe space and judgement will not be tolerated. This group will support individual’s experiences as a real and valid account of the injury. 

  • Ages 12-17



Additional groups are offered depending on provider availability, and the needs of our patient population and our community.  Please check our Calendar of Events page, our social media, and with your Mind Matters, P.C. clinician for information about current group offerings.  Our monthly newsletter also includes updates on all available groups.

Why Group Therapy?

Groups provide a safe and supportive environment to learn more about yourself and make positive changes in your life. Each group is led by Mind Matters, P.C. clinicians who are knowledgeable in proven strategies for managing specific problems. Participating in a group can be a rewarding experience. You may discover that you are not alone in your experience and become able to put your own struggles in a new perspective. Group therapy can diminish feelings of isolation, offer new insights into yourself, and provide accountability. Having the opportunity to both give and receive support and feedback is another benefit of group therapy – sharing is healing.

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